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PostBenson on Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:45 pm


By Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For Family Writers

As countdown to November 8, 2016, when ECOWAS court is expected to deliver its ruling on the case of human right violation instituted against Nigeria government by Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra draws near, many people who are interested in the case from different part of the world have been calling on me and asking me why Federal High court to be presided over by Justice John Tsoho's re-incarnate, in the person of Justice Binta Nyako choose to fix her date of first hearing of the case of treason instituted against Nnamdi Kanu by Nigeria government after a long detention without trial. Yes, without trial since December 17, 2015, when Federal High court presided over by Hon Justice Adeniyi Ademola ruled and acquitted Nnamdi Kanu of terrorism allegation from Nigeria govt due to want of evidence and substance.

As for the inconclusive trial of Justice John Tsoho, his bias trial has been declared 'denouver' in the eye of judicial laws immediately he hands-off the case. So by law, Justice Tsoho's trial in Nnamdi Kanu's case does not exist anywhere anymore because it is now 'denouver' as no record will be made reference to that Justice Tsoho ever tried Nnamdi Kanu. By this Nnamdi Kanu has been held in detention since December 17, 2015 without trial. Well, going back to the topic, what I answered them is that Nigeria judiciary which has succumbed to the pressure of Gen Muhammadu Buhari who dictates for it how to dispense justice has chosen to do the bidding of the ungodly tyrant.

By succumbing to the ungodly bidding of the ungodly tyrant, Nigeria judiciary has openly declared war against ECOWAS court which has in a previous date adjourned the date of its ruling between Nnamdi Kanu vs Nigeria government case of human right violation to November 8, as Nigeria government prayed ECOWAS to consider her as the lawyers representing her were on another judicial assignment in Kaduna.

My evidence for saying that Nigeria judiciary has declared war against ECOWAS court is anchored on the fact that it has decided to ambush the sub-regional court by fixing the date for resuming its travesty of Justice against Nnamdi Kanu on that same date of November 8. By this ambush in the judicial process from Nigeria judiciary against ECOWAS court, it is not only going be like an usurpation of the date of ECOWAS court sitting but also (1) a way of Nigeria government trying to intimidate the sub-regional court into another needless adjournment, (2) a way of trying to cause confusion to local and international observers who goes to the both courts to take the record of court proceedings, (3) a way for creating an escape route for Nigeria government lawyers who are ashamed of coming to the sub-regional court to make caricature of themselves, (4) a way of trying to stagger the IPOB lawyers defending Nnamdi Kanu, not to attend ECOWAS court sitting that day as their clients will be brought to Nigeria municipal court for the obnoxious trial of treason, (5) a way of showing that Nigeria judiciary has become an enclave of injustice needing no international judicial institutions check them against excesses.

Now will this deliberate ambush by Nigeria judiciary against ECOWAS court be capable of intimidating the sub-regional court into another needless delay against the justice which Nnamdi Kanu sought for in ECOWAS court? November 8, 2016, is going to give the world the answer as all of us are crossing our fingers in observation. But one thing is worthy of note from this ugly step taken by Nigeria judiciary masterminded by Nigeria self-styled Chief Judge, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, and that is the destruction of judicial harmony & co-operation existing between domestic and international judicial institutions masterminded by same Gen Buhari of impunity. Can there still be any judge in Nigeria Judicial council who will later aspire to be voted into this international judiciary which they have treated with contempt on the order of Gen Buhari? Because, it is only a foolish judge like Justice John Tsoho who just rubbished his judicial career to satisfy the ungodly yearning of a clueless tyrant, will foolishly thought that the destination of a celebrated judge in judicial excellence of his dream is the Nigeria supreme court, whereas two individual Igbo-Biafrans is separately the second in command in both ECOWAS court sitting in Abuja Nigeria and African Court of Human Right sitting temporarily in Alusha Tanzania. Since Nigeria judiciary has refused to purge herself of culture of impunity and corruption infested on her by Gen Buhari regime of corruption, it is up to ECOWAS court to stand its ground and deliver its unbiased judgment come November 8, 2016. This is the expectation of world at the moment.

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