Biafra Is Not For Igbos Alone: This Is For Those Who Doesn't Know (MUST READ)

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PostBenson on Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:47 pm

Biafra Is Not For Igbos Alone: This Is For Those Who Doesn't Know (MUST READ) 15181396_139108159900960_5555520163733071295_n

1. Resource Control: Biafra proposes a form of government where each province will have total control of her resources and only contribute to the centre. In Biafra, smaller groups like Oron, Eket, Andoni can unite and have their own province with full resource control and pay tax to the central government.

There won't be any land use decree.

IPOB had stressed on this times without number. Even Ojukwu Biafra has divided into provinces, with non Igbo speaking tribes having their own distinct provinces with indigenous administrators. You need nobody to checkmate Igbos under such arrangement.

And moreover, naturally, Igbos exist in clans that do checkmate each other, there have never in history been a period when Igbo groups United to conquer a non Igbo speaking people.

2. Capital Location: Why should the capital location be an issue, since it's not going to be a case where people were milked dry so that FG and go build up Lagos and Abuja? It will be all province for themselves.

We can apply the three capital system of RSA. The legislative in one Province, the judiciary will be hosted by another province and the Executive by another, all these can be negotiated.

3. This is totally irrelevant. Truth remains that Ndiigbo had never annexed non Igbo lands in the past. Arochukwu was only one that was annexed, but when you factor in the fact that Arochukwu was won by a union of Aro, Ibibio and Akpa( Ekoid) people, then it could hardly be termed annexation.
Ndiigbo are not empire builders. Annexation and expansionism is not our trait. We are republicans by nature.
No Nigerian state government was ever going to approve being part of Biafra, even. Enugu state government denied Biafra. So citing Delta state government response is quite irrelevant to the issue of Biafra. Nobody expected any different response. But IPOB and the Biafran ideology is well received by the commoners in Enu ani, which is why Asaba is an IPOB stronghold.

4. This again is a trivial matter. Each province will have their own language and English as their official language.
English will remain the lingua franca. But this is quite funny. You are scared of an Igbo national language, but comfortable with an English non African lingual franca.

The scenario you painted of someone being denied position because of ethnicity will not happen with the structure Biafra intends to run on. The provinces will be stronger and more lucrative than the centre. It won't be the case of Nigeria.
Moreover, I personally don't subscribe to a Biafra with Ijaw, Edo and Edoids( Urhobo, Itsekiri, Isoko), when I think of Biafra, I think of Igbo, Igboids and AkwaCross, cos these are people we share similar ideologies with.

So my use of Biafra during the course of my represents strictly Igbo, Igboid and AkwaCross and maybe Ogoni.

5. Igbos are often the subject of caustic attacks by those groups hausa, which I personally don't consider part of Biafra.
Go to Ijaw facebook pages, Radio Niger Delta, and even here in NL and see the amount of hatred towards Ndiigbo emanating from those quarters.

How many times have you seen Igbos hurl insults at AkwaCross people? Rarely. Why? Because you hardly get Igbophobia in AkwaCross area. AkwaCross people are all over Aba, they understand the Igboman and the Igbo man understand them, they don't show us hate, and in return we don't show them hate.

This generation Of Ndiigbo know better.

6. Again Nnamdi had made it clear he has no political ambitions in Biafra. Even if he does, the kind of structure Biafra intends to run on will make the centre only ceremonial, it won't be same all powerful Nigerian president.
Ndiigbo had no problem with Obong of Calabar rulling the Eastern region house of Chiefs ahead of Eze Nri , Eze aro, Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnewi, etc. We had no problem with Eyo ita ruling the Eastern region , Adaka was voted by Ndiigbo in UNN as the SUG president, we voted a Fulani as the first Mayor of Enugu, we all voted an Ogbia man, GEJ and stood by him when all abandoned him even Ijaw men like Clark abandoned him since.

7. How exactly are Igbo leaders the most corrupt in the country?
Are thieves like Ibori, Amaechi, Silva, Abacha, Obj, IBB, Obasanjo, Tinubu, Atiku, Dogara, etc Igbos?

Biafra will be structured in such a way that government will be too close to the people. No more Abuja jamboree, that alone will curb the excesses of the politicians. They will be under closer scrutiny by their people,and since each province is going to be ran by what they produce, it will force leaders to think outside the box.

The abrogation of the dubious Obasanjo created land use decree will hand the lands back to the natives and the government must serve the owners of the land and not the other way round. All these will change the political orientation and task leaders to be more productive and transparent to earn the people support and trust.

8. As for the utopia. Biafra will have the richest of human resources in Africa, it will have access to enormous natural gas deposits in Imo and Anambra, Coal in Enugu, crude oil reserves in Imo, Anambra, Ndoki, Etche, Asa. As well as those in AkwaCross area if you guys decide to join the party.

It will also have an enormous patriotic diaspora population spread all over the world ready to come and invest home as well as attract foreign investors, as the Biafran government will create the enabling environment for business to thrive.  The possibilities are endless.

9. That is just a proposal. I don't consider Itsekiri and Urhobo parts of Biafra, any body that put then on the Biafran map is merely fishing for their reactions.

We don't share same life ideology with those people. I see no basis for unity with them. We can't be running away from a mad house( Nigeria), only to end up creating another mad house in Biafra by inviting bitter people with whom we share little with to form a nation.

When you know you are going to be running your province with whatever you produce, and that there won't be monthly allocation coming from Abuja, you wouldn't be bothered about those creating 1 million provinces for themselves, since they would have to run them with their own resources and not yours.

That's the great thing about the Biafran proposed structure. It eliminates the things that turned Nigeria into a failure.

10. Biafra is not going to be a parasitic state, so there won't be any need forcing any unwilling group into it.
If an ethnic group within the proposed Biafran area votes against Biafra , then they are free to go their way and the next option is to join Nigeria until teir own agitation matures to God knows when :ashamed: . It's as free as that.

As for electoral manipulation, you can't rig where you are not popular, it will cause chaos. IPOB is too resolute and more than capable of securing the votes and ensuring no such manipulation occur.
The Biafran structure will take care of Igbophobia, by first ensuring that overwhelmingly Igbophobic elements as found in Ijaw, Edo, Edoids don't become part of Biafra.

The total resource control to the provinces and decentralization of the government, that will create will a very weak centre and strong regions will eliminate the. thoughts of phantom Igbo hegemony that exist only in people's mind.

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