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PostBiafranspalace on Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:50 pm

By Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)

For Family Writers

Biafran Coat of Arm is one of the greatest symbols of the land of rising sun called BIAFRA. It is a symbol which Biafrans cherish with utmost respect and dignity. Biafran coat of arm is the complete portrait of what Biafra is standing for. There is a serious uniqueness in the features of Biafra coat arm and their significances. Unfortunately, many Biafrans do not know the significances of the Coat of Arm. This is what propels my desire to write this article because it is important for even little children to know what Biafra is all about through its National symbols. Unlike Nigerians, whom their president of intellectual dwarf, Muhammadu Buhari was recently spotted standing on Nigeria coat of arm during a military officers pass-out parade exercise, Biafrans place high value on our national symbols in general and our Coat of Arm in particular. Biafrans can never stand on our Coat of Arm. In this article, we are going to explore the significances of the individual features of Biafran Coat of Arm.

(A) THE EAGLE: That Eagle stands for the pride and self-esteem of Biafra as a sovereign nation under heaven. By that, even as Biafrans respect other nations in the world and protect their political and business interest around us, yet Biafra nation and its citizens do not feel inferior to other nation under heaven. That is why we are the pride of the black race.

(B) THE COW HORN WHICH THE EAGLE STAND ON: The cow horn which the Eagle is standing upon signifies the rich cultural heritage of Biafrans. Cow horn stands for traditional things, especially marriage in Biafraland. By that, Biafrans hold in high esteem their cultural heritage. No matter the pressures of Western civilization on African cultures, yet Biafrans must hold tenaciously their cultures such as our traditional marriage and others in every generation. Western civilization will never make us to throw away our method of marriage (paying dowry before obtaining any woman as wife) which is second to none in the world. If we lose our cultures, we have lost our identity.

(C) THE SHIELD: The beautiful shield signifies the map of Biafra. The land mass of Biafra which stretched down to the Atlantic ocean with its continental shelf is what the shield stands for.

(D) THE RISING SUN ON THE SHIELD: The rising sun with its rays signifies the greatness that is going to spring out of Biafra which will be like the unstoppable power of the shining sun. In as much as Biafrans will not become terror to the world, but we are going to explosively take science and technology from where western world stop to the next level of excellence. For example, during the war, within 3 months, Biafrans started producing aviation oil locally and built international airports where our planes lands during the war. Till today Nigeria is still importing kerosene, grease and engine oil talk more of aviation oil.

(E) 11 RAYS OF THE SUN ON THE SHIELD: This signifies the original 11 provinces of Biafra when it was declared in 1967 by Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. Space will not permit me to list the provinces then one by one.

(F) THE 3 RINGS ON THE SHIELD: The 3 rings on the shield signifies the 3 patriachs of Biafrans. These fore-fathers are Eri, Areli and Arodi, the children of Gad the 7th son of Jacob in the Bible. They were the 3 persons that give birth to all Biafrans in the universe, The 3 rings signify them.

(G) THE 2 LEOPARDS HOLDING THE SHIELD: The 2 Leopards hold the shield signifies the gallant and loyal forces of Biafra. The armed forces of Biafra which is known as 'LOYAL FORCES' will provide an indomitable protection just as the leopards are waging the shield to the territories of Biafra on the land as the Biafra Army, on the sea or ocean around us as Biafran Navy, on the air as Biafran Air-force, the civil protection cum internal security by Biafran Police and other para-military as the law will stipulate.

(H) THE GREEN FIELD: This signifies that the land of Biafra is rich in mineral resources and in agricultural potentials. There is no part of Biafraland that is not endowed with one mineral resources or the other. All the states of South-South region of Biafra and some states in South east region are blessed with bountiful crude oil deposit. Enugu state has plenty deposit of coal and Ebonyi state has a plenty deposit of salt and cement. Every part of Biafraland from South east down to South South is agricultural friendly. Palm products are obtainable everywhere in Biafraland. It may interest the world to know that our scientist are already making experiments to know many things palm fruits can be used to produce just like we use it to produce palm oil.

This are the significances of th coat of arm

May God bless the nation of Biafra. Amen!

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