Mark Zuckerburg Is A Piece of Shit

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PostBenson on Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:37 pm

MEDIA IS POWER!!. When we say that media it's power some people do not understand!. Have you heard/Noticed that our RADIO BIAFRA LONDON PAGE/GROUP has been shut down by the owner/Founder of Facebook (MARK ZUCKERBERG ???) He didn't even stop there, they went as far as bringing down the account of some of our principle officers... I thought that it was only The Zoo that it's corrupt, never knew that corruption is every where!. My Goodness me!. Can some one tell me the reason why this evil has to be perpetrated against us?. What was our crime!. Our crime is because we ask for justice!. Our crime is because we propagate the gospel of Biafra through Facebook? Our crime is because we unleash the atrocities that the Zoo has been committing against us??. Because we speaks the truth, because we demanded for justice, that's why they have to shut down our group??. My father always say... Every evil communication corrupt Good manners.. Any goat that don't eat yam as soon as he started following the ones that eats yam he will starts to be a yam eater!!. Mark ZUCKERBERG is one of the significants ..

You all have seen the reason behind his visit in The Zoo called Nigeria... Unfortunately he has becomes one of the Baboons attached to the Zoo... But.. THEY CAME LATE BECAUSE, THEY WILL NEVER STOP US!!!!. THEY WILL NEVER EVER STOP THIS DREAM OF OURS!!!!!

Mark Zuckerburg Is A Piece of Shit Cv24ev5UsAE0h5g

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